Throughout Ron’s life he was a serious student of the hidden power of an individual’s PSYCHIC ENERGY and potential of the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.  RON SUNN has explored many areas of the occult and paranormal, including those within the realm of “new wave” methodology.


RON earned his certification in this area through Dr. Georgina Cannon and the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, which is a Division of the Canadian Hypnosis Centre.

RON first became interested in Hypnosis around the age of 15.  While attending Mohawk College he performed his first Stage Hypnosis show at a house party in Paris, Ontario.

RON’s primary focus with hypnosis is in the field of entertainment.   Over the years however he has worked with individuals and has utilized hypnosis for areas of personal improvement such as weight loss, preparing for exams or as an aid to stop smoking.


RON SUNN has been a student of the Tarot for over 30 years and has studied under Master Tarot Reader, Kelly Trevail.  Ron uses many spreads in his readings however the one he most commonly utilizes is the Celtic Cross.  This powerful layout draws upon the strength and wisdom of both the Major and Minor Arcana.  The future is not set and the Tarot can provide a small window into a part of it.  Ron believes the Tarot cards can provide assistance for many of us to avoid the pitfalls in our lives by arming ourselves with the KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of the FORCES that surround us

RON has even successfully predicted events individuals receiving READINGS had not yet even considered or speculated on.


To expand his knowledge of the diverse symbolism and information that is contained within the Tarot cards, RON SUNN has also become a student of Astrology and Numerology.  He recently studied under Gianina Lamont, who is better known as Gianina Aron, an accomplished Romanian actress and Professor of Drama.  She has recently come to Canada and has begun to share her vast knowledge and love of these ancient studies.


RON is an accomplished Tarot Reader, student of the Runes System and is a strong believer in the separate entities of Mind, Body and Spirit.  He is a strong believer in the continuation of the Soul through this Life and even beyond Death, what many refer to as Reincarnation.  Ron has a strong concept of the power that lies within the human mind and an understanding of how to harness that power.