Show Details and Specifications



Type of Performance:  There are many different types of show available that can be tailored to meet the demands of your audience.  Ron always insures that his show will be totally appropriate for the crowd that he is performing for.  Our most popular Stage Hypnosis performance is ideally suited for a mature or adult crowd.  Other performances are designed around a more “PG” rating for events like corporate functions or fundraisers.  We can even accommodate any small at-home gathering, or smaller gatherings such as, birthdays, bridal or baby showers.   All Ron’s shows are built around the concept of a fascinating and entertaining evening for everyone.


Length of a Performance:  The basic package is a single show approximately 60 minutes in length.  Arrangements can be made to undertake a second later performance for either the Stage Hypnosis or the Hypnosis and Mentalist package.  Each set for these packages are 45 minutes in length and just like the “Show and Dance” package, are designed to encompass a complete evening’s entertainment.

Cost of Shows:   Headstone Entertainment offers a wide variety of entertainment packages.  The overall price of an individual show is based upon many variables such as location, size of audience and type of package selected.  We are willing to custom design a show to suit any occasion.  If you are not sure which package will best suit your needs and budget, please call Headstone Entertainment at 519-871-7173 with the details of your event or complete the handy form on the "INQUIRES and BOOKINGS" page.  We will be glad to assist you and provide a quote if you wish.


The most entertaining shows usually consist of a mix of men and women but single gender shows such as bridal showers are always welcome. Shows undertaken for a small gathering should have at least 20 people in attendance.  The audience can consist of any ages, but over 14 years old is preferable (minimum age for birthday parties is 16 years old).

Equipment:  A suitable 5.0m x 6.0m stage or raised area is desirable to undertake a Stage Hypnosis performance. Many banquet halls, clubs, colleges and universities have superb sound systems.  Whenever possible Ron will utilize in-house equipment and make appropriate adjustments to the overall cost of the show.  For any location where the sound equipment is questionable or simply not available Headstone Entertainment will supply a high quality sound system, including suitable wireless microphones. Clean, comfortable, armless chairs must be provided for the volunteers of the hypnosis show.


Pictures:  Digital pictures taken during any performance are the property of Headstone Entertainment and we reserve the copyrights to any still pictures, video or audio taping of any show.  JPEG pictures or video clips that are taken by members of the audience during any performance may be posted to school websites or any other social networking websites such as MySpace, Webshots or YouTube with the express understanding that Headstone Entertainment will receive written notification via email AND a copy of any picture(s) to be posted prior to their actual posting.


Other Information:  Individual shows can be custom designed at no extra cost. Please discuss these important details at the time of booking to insure you receive the entertainment package best suited for your event.


For further details you can contact Headstone Entertainment by using the "INQUIRES and BOOKINGS" page, the e-mail address: or by telephone weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST at (519) 871-7173.