Stage Hypnosis Picture Gallery

Imperio Vegas New Years Bash


"Party Like It's 1999"

"Hypnotic Induction"

"Deeply Relaxed"

"A Few Suggestions"

"My Feet are Stuck"

"They're at the Post"

"Racing Down the Back Stretch"

"Grab Some Cool Hard Cash"

London MS Rona Bike Tour


"My Name is Ron Sunn"

"Hands Locked Together"

"Floating Arms"

"Just Way Too Relaxed"

"More Floating Arms"

"Fun Floor Show"

"Don't Shot My There"

"So What's Up Monkey"

New Hamburg Volunteer Firefighters


"Fun A-B-C Warmup"

"Hands Glued annd Locked"

"Relaxing Down"

"Light Floating Arms"

"Fun Show To Watch"

"Meeting My Monkey"

"Rudy Little Monkey"

Vaughan 40th Birthday Party


"Great Party"

"Deeper and Deeper"

"Floating Arms"

"Cold Hard Cash"

Hyderabad India Corporate Party



"Magnetic Personality"

Burlington 40th Birthday Party


"Deepening After Induction"

"Fun With Mary Jane 01"

"Fun With Mary Jane 02"

"Ready, Aim"


Detriot 30th Birthday/Toga Party


"Turning Up the Fun"

"Locked Hands"

"Relaxing Down Caesar"

Paris Christmas Party


"The Explanation"

"Rapid Induction - Start"

"Rapid Induction - Finish"
 London Bar


"Receiving Instructions"

"Feel the Balloons"

"Monkey Talk"
 Prism's Mayan New Years


"A Little Demonstration"

"Magnetic Personality"

"Stuck on You"

"Miller Time"

"What Smells So Bad"

Putnam Valentine Sweetheart Event


"Eager Volunteers"

London Halloween House Party



"You Smell Beautiful"

"Funny Movie".




Tarot/Psychic Party Picture Gallery

Brantford Girls Psychic House Party


"Ron Reading the Tarot Cards"

"Entranced by the Demonstration"

"Party Guests"

 Psychic Parties Over The Years


"Magic Marble  - 2003"

"Psychic Energy - 2006"

"Deep Concentration - 2006"

Various Psychic House Parties


"Post Party Volunteer -Classic Pose"

"St Thomas House Party - 2004"

"Decisions - 2005"