HEADSTONE ENTERTAINMENT can offer unique types of entertainment suitable for any occasion.




Ron Sunn is one of Canada’s stars in the art of Stage Hypnosis.  This is a professional Stage Hypnosis Show involving one or two sets.  It involves the most entertaining and interesting aspects of hypnosis.


With a very funny and highly entertaining stage show “MAGIC OF THE MIND,” Ron has been amazing audiences for many years.  His amazing demonstrations of the power of hypnosis and the hidden potential of the subconscious mind always amaze and delight any audience.


This show is designed for groups of 60-1200 guests.




This is an fun unstructured evening of Hypnosis and Psychic demonstrations.  It is designed for smaller groups and involves demonstrations of suggestion, hypnosis and the psychic magic with various guests.  Together we will explore the hidden power of the mind.  Everyone will find this journey an interesting and highly entertianing experieince.


Ron has an easy and entertaining style that will bring the power of Hypnosis, a display of Mentalism and Psychic ablility to life for you and your guests.   Utilizing suggestion, illusion, and sheer physic energy Ron will unleash the power of his mind and selected lucky audience members.  It is an experience that is sure to entrance and delight everyone.





This show is extremely entertaining and interesting experience and is designed for smaller, more intimate settings. This show is most suitable for small private house or birthday parties but can 

be designed for large corporate events such as recognition or motivational meetings.  At your function Ron enjoys mingling with the guests to provide his special insight into the Art of Tarot Reading and the wonders of the subconscious mind. 


Demonstrations combine a little illusion, some suggestion and a lot of physic energy.  Ron’s demonstrations in this area will amaze and astonish even the most skeptical guest as he reveals the hidden potential of the subconscious mind and the versatility of the human spirit.  This type of show is also referred to as a Psychic House Parties.

For additional information also see http://www.headstone.ca/exploring_the_tarot.htm



Headstone Entertainment offers a number of reasonably priced packages designed to suit any occasion and budget.  




  • Full Show with two sets
  • First performance Stage Hypnosis or Mentalism
  • Second performance Stage Hypnosis
  • High Quality Sound System supplied
  • Full evening Music and DJ Service 




  • Full Show with one 75 min set or two 45 min sets
  • First performance Stage Hypnosis or Mentalism/Stage Hypnosis
  • Second performance Stage Hypnosis
  • High Quality Sound System supplied
  • Music and DJ Service supplied before and after each performance 




  • Full Show with single 60 min set
  • Performance Stage Hypnosis or Mentalism/Stage Hypnosis
  • High Quality Sound System supplied by establishment
  • Music and DJ Service supplied 30 minutes before and after performance




  • Full Show with single sets
  • Performance Stage Hypnosis or Mentalism/Stage Hypnosis
  • No DJ Service supplied by Headstone Entertainment
  • DVD player supplied by party host may be required
  • OR Hypnosis/Mentalism performed as additional act with other DJ Services  


Travel expenses many be added to the cost of a show depending on the actual location.


Special discount for any student event at Fanshawe College , Conestoga College Mohawk College or the University of Western Ontario .



I have been taking bows for you all week.....There were comments from many (at the show) whom had never seen a hypnotist before (and) thought it was fake until they saw people they knew up on stage. A true night we will talk about for the years to come. Thanks again for the excellent show.  It was fantastic.



Dance PAC Fund Raiser




Thank you so much for the great job you did at our Christmas party on Saturday night. Everyone really enjoyed themselves……..Hypnotized and not!


Cook's Pharmacy Christmas Party

New Hamburg , ON




It was a great show…………too bad (I) forgot to bring a camera.  Everyone had a FANTASTIC time.



Pasta Night for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada

Amherstburg , ON





My daughter was one of the volunteers (who) got hypnotized.  She cannot believe she actually heard the monkey talking to her......her friends are still laughing about it.



Ingersoll Golf & Country Club Christmas Party

Ingersoll , ON




We had a very large party......our friends were really intrigued and amused by (hypnosis).  It was a unique experience.



Collingwood Elvis Festival – Private Party

Blue Mountain , ON




Thanks Ron, we all had a great time!



30th Birthday/Toga Party

Novi , MI




Great show!



Fanshawe Student Council – Orientation Week

Woodstock , ON