Tarot Party Details

Type of Readings: 

Small, intimate surroundings provide the most suitable atmosphere to discover the power and mystery that lay within the Tarot Cards.  Ron’s depth of knowledge and understanding of the individual cards will insure a dynamic reading, no matter what your question may be.

Type of Settings:  Over the years Ron has found that friends like to share in the experience of each other’s readings so for most Tarot Parties the readings are undertaken in a group setting.  This approach usually provides the highest level of fun and entertainment for everyone in attendance.  Ron, however, is completely willing to do any or all of the readings individually and in a private setting if requested.  Whatever method is most suitable for your group Ron will insure that everyone has the opportunity to receive an individual Reading covering the most burning question and deepest concern currently governing their lives. 

Length of a Readings:  Most individual Tarot Readings take approximately 20 to complete. This time includes a generous allowance for you to ask questions during Ron’s interpretation of the Tarot Cards. In addition, Ron Sunn will often stay after all the Readings are completed to visit with your guests.

Costs: The cost of and individual reading is $20.00 but this is dependant upon many variables.  House parties usually can be undertaken for around $80.00 and this cost includes four (4) individual Readings.  Costs for parties outside of the London/Woodstock area are slightly higher due to travel expenses.

The charges related to Tarot Readings for Corporate events, Restaurant or a small Bed and Breakfast can either be through a set fee charged back to establishment, direct charges to individual guests or some combination of these.  Headstone Entertainment is always willing to work with you to define a method of payment that is fair and agreeable to everyone.

Equipment:  All that is really needed is a quiet location, a table and a few chairs.  Candles and incense can be helpful in increasing the power to the Tarot deck.


Thank you very much for the opportunity you provided on Saturday evening for all of us. There was conversation about the events until 4:00 am and we certainly were all in agreement that it was indeed enlightening and very accurate.


Girls Night In

Brantford - 2009

  (A) very good reading.  (It was) accurate and insightful.  Thank you


Ladies in the Groove

London - 2006

Thanks for helping to confirm my feelings and provide insight into my future.  I really enjoyed it.


Private party

London - 2006

(I was) overwhelmed with how you were into all the emotional and personal conflicts in my life.  Things I have NEVER discussed with anyone………!!


Private Party

Dorchester - 2005


 Individual parties can be custom designed at no extra cost. This should be discussed at the time of booking to insure you receive the package best suited for you.

Audio or v
ideo taping of individual Readings is permitted and even encouraged, but is left up to the discretion of the person receiving the Readings.  You may also take notes or pictures using digital cameras.   Should you take any digital pictures Headstone Entertainment would be pleased to receive a copy.

If you wish to receive any further information or details for a booking contact Headstone Entertainment at (519) 871-7173.  We can also be reached at the e-mail address: Headstone@headstone.ca